Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is IEC College of Art & Fashion a university?

  • No, it’s not a university itself.IEC College of Art & Fashion is a private educational institution affiliated with LIMKOKWING University of Creative Technology,one of the top universities in Malaysia having its global presence in Africa, Europe and Asia. No worries! All the Degrees you complete and the Certificates you receive from IEC are validated and awarded by the same University.
  • IEC College of Art & Fashion is also approved by the Ministry of Education (Government of Nepal), and recognized by the Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

2. Where is the campus/college located?

  • IEC College of Art & Fashion is running Bachelor’s Degree in (1) Fashion& Retailing, and(2) Interior Architecture at twoseparate campuses:
    (1) Fashion Campus– Madikhatar (Near Kantipur Futsal), Kathmandu
    (2) Interior Campus – Madikhatar (Near Miteri Pool), Kathmandu, Nepal.

3. What kinds of facilities are available at IEC?

  • Our campuses are WiFi-enabled, have a Modern Libraryfull of quality books (print + eBooks), regular subscriptions of popular newspapers, magazines and journals, Fashion and Textile Labswith workshoproom, Auditorium Hallwith a capacity of more than 5oo students at a time, creative andexperienced International & international exposure Faculties trained from University Representatives. We also invite Professors,local &international Teachers, Designers and Architects as guest lecturers.
  • Check out the Facilities page.

4. When does a new session start?

  • We have a single intake every year, and each academic session starts in January. However, you have to register your names when admissions are open – August to November.

5. When do the applications close?

  • • Generally, we close the applications at the end of December. We take a limited number of students for each academic session. When the seats are full, then the applications are closed, even before December. Therefore, we suggestyou(new students) ensure your seat(s) between Septemberto December.

6. What are the entry requirements?

  • 10 + 2 or equivalent in any other courses discipline. If your academic is from CTEVT or other International Board i.e. CBSE, GCE, AP Central Board, ICSEor IV, you should come with an equivalence letter from Nepal Education Board (NEB). In each subject, your score must be above the D grading point.

7. How does the degree from IEC differ from other colleges? Can we have a credit transfer?

  • IEC College provides you a genuine degree. We affiliated LIMKOKWING University is one of the largest universities in Malaysia. Further, LIMKOKWING University has a global alliance – a collegial network of over 282 universities in over 77 countries. After your 5th Semester, you can transfer your full credits to those colleges or universities in China, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, UK, Australia and other countries.

8. How can I apply to study at IEC?

  • Admissions are open to students of all nationalities - subject to availability of seats.
    Admission criteria:
    - Aptitude Test
    - 10 +2 OR Equivalent (any Stream)
    How to Apply:
    - Contact IEC Administration via telephone or walk-in Stopover
    - Get Counseling
    - Choose the course of your passion
    - Fill up the form
    - Attend Entrance Exam
    - Face Interview
    - Get Admission

9. How much do the courses cost?

  • Please visit or contact the office administration.

10. Do I have to attend a personal interview?

  • Yes, we do encourage our prospective students to attend a personal interview.

11. Are there any prerequisite subjects that I need to have studied in my High School?

  • None. You just need to be a 10 +2 graduate or equivalent as mentioned before.

12. When do I have to make payment?

  • You have to clear your semester dues before the commencement of each semester.

13. What materials do I have to buy for my course?

  • You will have a brief introduction to it during the orientation session.

14. What happens if I want to cancel my enrolment?

  • Truly, we expect our students to be mentally prepared to pursue their further studies at IEC before getting enrolled. However, if you decide not to continue with us after admissions, no refund will be made.

15. What courses are available?

  • We have
    • BA in Interior Architecture
    • BA(HONS) in Fashion & Retailing

16. Are courses full-time or part-time?

  • All courses are full-time.

17. How is the course designed – Theory and Practical?

  • The Bachelor Degree courses are a blend of theory and practical. You will find it a combination of core subjects (theory) and subject-specific subjects (mostly practical). IEC also facilitates students with Non-Credit Courses (NCCs). Here, Theory Practical is 40% & Proper Practical is 60%.

18. Do I have to take exams and do assessments? What are the assessment criteria?

  • 100%. Our assessment system applies a continuous evaluation process. It starts from the beginning of your semester to the end of that semester – class performance, attendances, assignments, project works, research works, real life projects, field visits, presentation (individual/group), and final written test. We apply 3600 assessment criteria.

19. Do I have to buy apersonal computer?

  • It’s necessary. The college will facilitate you with a full-ranged internet connection (WiFi), however, no individual laptops or computers. During your academic session, you have to work with laptops – Assignments, Individual/Group Presentations, Research, 3D Design,Digital Illustration, Pattern-making, and many more. Therefore, you must have your personal laptop.

20. I am poor at drawing/sketching. Can I still study design?

  • Drawing/Sketching is a skill. This can be taught and learned like other skills. There are a lot of drawings involved in the design of Bachelor Degrees, but not everyone can draw when they first arrive. In the first year, you’ll be doing quite a lot of drawing classes. Then, you can master it.

21. Is there any work experience (Internships) included in the courses?

  • Yes, our Bachelor's Degrees include an internship in the 5th semester and 6th semester (Finalyear) that can connect you to the real market.

22. Is it possible to fast-track my course?

  • To this date, we don’t have such a provision.

23. What if I have more questions about the course?

  • Feel free to contact us!We are always happy to quench your thirst for queries.

24. After my graduation, can I continue my Master’s Degree at any University in Nepal and abroad?

  • Yes! But it depends upon your field of study.